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With so many animals that need our help, we need your support.  Your generosity makes it possible to continue our mission.  Please consider donating.

Petition for Animal Shelter  
For 8 years, the volunteers from PAWS (Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter) have helped animals and owners in Pendleton County. We have offered spay/neuter assistance, financial help with altering cat colonies and help with lost/abandoned/neglected animals.

Hundreds of people contact our voicemail every year looking for help with animal issues. Dozens of pets are fostered for rescue and adoption each year -- but it could be many more if we had a building to work from.

We need a shelter in Pendleton County!

Currently, all stray dogs picked up by the sheriff’s department are being sent to Grant County Pound and euthanized in 5 days. We want to offer Pendleton County animals a chance!

Please sign our petition (link below) in support of building an animal shelter in Pendleton County, WV.
Check out our Events page to find out how you can meet our animals!
Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter (P.A.W.S.) is dedicated to helping facilitate the placement of stray and unwanted animals into loving homes; to establish and maintain a safe haven animal shelter that promotes proper health, care and handling of our "guests", and prevent overpopulation and cruelty in our area.  We have saved the lives of nearly 500 stray/unwanted animals in Pendleton County since we started in 2005.
We are a registered 501(c)3 animal rescue that is dedicated to help unwanted, neglected, or abandoned animals located in Pendleton County, West Virginia.  Our rescue depends completely on caring volunteers and donors that are willing to help with our cause.
We do not receive any government or state funding so we can use your help.
Every year there are 6-8 million homeless animals that enter shelters in the United States, only half of these find forever homes.  The rest are euthanized due to no homes being available.  Please don't add to this staggering number...spay and neuter your pets.
If you need help to cover the cost for spay and neuter, please
contact us at (304) 358-3644 or email us at:
Note: Every animal pictured on this website are animals that have been rescued through P.A.W.S.